Pomegranate is one of the Autumn and Winter fruits and considered as a exporting products in Iran. This fruit is usually cultivated in wide range of quality but the best ones are chosen to export finally.
It has lots of benefits like other fruits. This fruit is categorized totally in two groups: sweet and sour. Each of them has its own specific properties as well as general benefits.

Buy Pomegranate

Buy Pomegranate


This fruit which is known among people as a fruit of paradise, has various valuable properties. In addition to nutritional value, this product can be effective and helpful in therapy aspects.

Which some of them are mentioned below:

Sweet pomegranate juice plays important role to cure kidney and urinary tract diseases. Also it’s generally diuretic.

Eating that is very useful to treat physical weakness and atrophy.

It’s one of the best things to strengthen elderly people’s kidney.

Its juice can be used as a refresher to fresh face skin.

Using juice of this fruit is an effective way to treat hoarseness

Therapy Properties of this product:

In addition to mentioned above, this fruit has another therapy benefits as below:

Sweet kind of this fruit is very helpful for curing juandice

It is helpful to soothe body intchings

And it is a booster for stomach and liver

People who suffering from diabetes are recommended to use this product.

To cure mouth ulcer it’s helpful as below:
keep sour pomegranate juice in mouth few times a day.

To treat ulcers inside the nose and scars, sour pomegranate juice is one the best.

If it be eaten with it’s seeds, it can prevent stomach rumble.

People who are tended to eat soil, it can help to avoid it.

It is effective to treat bile and bilious fever.

Dripping a mixture of this fruit and honey in the nose, a few times a day, is so helpful to cure polyps.

The best time for eating that is early morning before breakfast with a little Angelica.


Each part of that has various properties as following:

It’s skin and roots are ant-parasite

Using dry pomegranate skin is recommended to for people who suffering from Hemorrhoids

Herbal tea of its leaves can be helpful for suffering from Amenia and exhaustion. Also it’s great for Migraine.

A blended of mashed flowers of this product and sesame oil can be used for skin burn.

Drinking herbal tea of the flowers of this fruit is a good treatment for gum bleeding

The head part of that is very helpful for pectoralgia ( the pain of chest) and coagh

The powder of skin of pomegranate is useful for old wounds

Essences of this fruite and rose water is very helpful for eye swelling


The well known products that can be obtained of this fruit are included : pomegranate sauce, jam, and fruit leather that among them its sauce is so popular whit extreme household consumption.
Also juice of this fruit is usually sold as a nice drink in the market.


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