Grape is a sweet and very nutritious fruit that, in addition to being able to be included in the food chain, can be used to treat some diseases and therefore has medicinal uses. This fruit has different colors and sizes and is named based on this feature.

This fruit grows on a creeping tree that wraps around itself and climbs. A vine or vine must provide more support than it needs to grow. Another type of grape vine is shrub.

Grapes generally have many varieties, based on a division into two categories, grained and seedless, which are seen in red, black, yellow and almost green colors, and based on the same grainy or seedless They can be named asgari and raisins, seedless grapes and rubies, grapes of Lal Hosseini, grapes of Gohar, etc., and sometimes their names are based on the region of their production and cultivation, which can be He referred to Ingor Shahroudi and Razzaqi Shirazi.

Properties of grapes:

In addition to being consumed as a fruit, grapefruit has many healing properties that can be mentioned as follows:

According to ancient Iranian medicine, angora has a warmer and warmer nature. This fruit can be used as a laxative and laxative and in this regard is used to treat constipation.

The benefits and properties that we count for grapes as a medicine to balance the body and purify the blood and cleanse the chest and lungs, treat gastritis and intestines, in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and pertussis and be useful in its treatment .

In addition to these properties, grapes can be used to treat dysentery and useful for gout patients.

Culture medium:

The environment in which Angora can be grown for better exploitation is generally as follows:

Grapefruit is grown in areas with subtropical to temperate climates, and some varieties of this fruit tolerate cold winter weather and some do not need cold weather, and in the cultivation of such products should be noted that high heat reduces its sugar. To be.

Grape products:

Products that can be prepared from Ingor, and like Ingor, in addition to being in the food chain, have many healing properties, including the following:

From this sweet and nutritious fruit, juice, raisins, gourds and vinegar can be prepared, the properties of each of which we will describe briefly.

Good consumption is very useful for people with hyperlipidemia and is also a disinfectant of the body.

The properties of raisins can be mentioned in strengthening the body and it can be brewed like tea, and used to soften the chest and sore throat.

Grapefruit juice, which is another product of grapes, is useful for treating diseases such as gastritis, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, gout, epilepsy, palpitations, chest pain and chronic cough. It is also useful for relieving rheumatic pains and arterial and venous diseases. Consumption of this juice also reduces bloating and is effective in lubricating the administration.

Another property of grape juice is that it cures clogs, so grape juice can be consumed with grape vinegar to prevent obstruction in the liver ducts.


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