Saffron, which is first planted onion and in the early spring, has a bulb onion, and there are steps to be taken to plant it until the harvest season is completed and the harvest is done.

Saffron is known as red gold in Iranian families and is used as a spice-like aroma and a bit of smell besides a variety of foods for good taste and smell.

Saffron, besides being used as a food additive, has many medicinal properties and has drug use.





Medicinal properties of saffron:

This plant has many medicinal properties as mentioned below:

It is used to treat depression and tea is useful for digestion. In addition, zevaran can be a pain reliever, relaxing and sleepy.

Other benefits to saffron, known as red gold among people, include the enhancement of sexual strength, liver and kidney and bladder purpure and urine as well as the nerves of the plant.

This plant also has a blood-forming effect and makes blood circulation easy.

Taking Saffron:

Note that after grinding, after the grinding, it must be kept away from light and moisture and kept in a glass bowl. In case of inappropriate maintenance, the essential oil evaporates over time and will diminish the effects of the drug and its taste, and its quality will be lost.

Depending on storing it, it can be kept in the freezer, and can be used for freezing with a little bit of heat by freezing it from the freezer at a time before it is consumed.

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